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مداهمة المخبأ السري للجزيرة مباشر.. وأفلام الكارتون!       مجلس ادارة جديد للدستور والخيطان باق في العرب اليوم بعد بيعها       

The Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists [CDFJ] organizes a Job Fair for the journalism and media students of Yarmouk University. The event will take place on May 17th 2008 at Al Hussein Youth City in Amman.




A seminar about legal applications in media cases in Jordan and the United States of America

The Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists, in collaboration with the International Research and Exchanges Board “IREX”, organized on Saturday the 3rd of November 2007 a seminar hosting Judge Pierre Leval of the Court of Appeals of the United States of America and Professor Peter Croug,  lecturer of legal sciences and comparative law at Oklahoma University in the United States of America.


Thirty members of the Jordanian media prepare a code of professional ethics for media coverage on parliamentary elections

Thirty members of the Jordanian media issued a code of ethics following their participation in the workshop, “Covering Parliament Elections.”


"Investing in the Future" Project Launches 2nd Training Program for Arab Lawyers and Journalists in Amman.

Under the auspices of His Excellency Nasir Judah, government spokesman, the Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists (CDFJ) in partnership with the Dutch Free Voice Foundation is launching the second training workshop of the "Investing in the Future" program.


Legal aid unit study focuses on lawsuits against journalists

The Media Legal Aid Unit (MELAD) is conducting a comprehensive analysis of media cases covering a six-year span in order to find ways to enhance modern judicial practices in the country.


CDFJ Hands the Parliament’s National Guidance Committee Its Comments, Reservations on the Press and Publications Draft Law

The Center for Defending the Freedom of Journalists [CDFJ] has stressed that the government’s press and publications draft law, which was earlier submitted to the Parliament, is not in harmony with the international standards of media freedom


Journalism In Egypt: Caught Between Laws And the Government

Media Freedom Status in Jordan 2006 (Summary)